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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Getting Started To Getting Your Free Ipod Photo

By now, all of you have probably heard about the offer for a free ipod. This was not a scam, and I learned this after my friend received his new 20 gig ipod. I was going to do this offer after I found a brand new one being offered by the same company. They are offering to send you a free 40 gig color ipod photo ($499.99 offer) if you complete the requirements. After learning all this you are probably wondering all these different things about the company and the offer, and if for that reason that I decided to write this guide.

Who is offering this?
The company who is offering this is Gratis. They have also offered one for a free ipod, or ipod mini. The company has proven to be legit and is by no way a scam.

How can this company do this?
You are probably asking yourself right now, how can a company go about giving away $500 dollars worth of products. Well, gratis receives money every time someone completes an offer. The reason this happens is because different companies use gratis as sort of a advertisement company. Instead of a company risking not have anyone pay attention to their add or product, they use gratis to guarantee they get revenue. In return for this, they pay gratis. Now, gratis needs a way for people to sign up for this companies so they offer a free ipod if you and your friends complete the offers. They figure that not everyone can complete the offer so they wont have to always give away a free ipod but they will still make money. Also they make more money then it costs for them to buy an ipod.

Is this really free?
Yes, this offer is totally free. The shipping is free, and although all the offers required a credit card, they are all free trials that can be cancelled. Some offers will charge your credit card a dollar but this will be given back to you in a couple of days. They do this to verify that you credit card is valid. Make sure to cancel the offer before the free trial expires (unless you like the service) but after gratis gives you credit.

What offer should I complete?
There are about 10 offers that you have to choose from, and you only need to complete one. Three of these offers stand out from all the others and those are blockbuster, ancestry, and infone. From those 3 offers one stands out the most; infone. By far, this offer is the best and is the simplest. It is very easy to sign up for it and is complete. Also there are no charges and gratis gives you instant credit for it when you sign up. You probably are wondering why I listed the other two if this one is so good, but infone is not always offered. If it is not on the site, I would wait for a couple of days and if it does not return I would complete one of the other two good ones. In addition to this, I have notice that although I listed the 3 best offers, all of the offers are good and if needed can be completed with ease.

Why should I sign up using your link?
The hardest part of completing this offer is having 10 of your friends to sign up under you and complete the offer. It was for that reason I created this site so that I could gain more revenue and people. If you sign up under me and complete the offer, then I promise that I will post your link on this website. This will generate more people for you, and you will complete the offer quicker. Be sure to hurry because the first 10 people to sign up under me will receive the most people. Also, if you sign up under me, I can give you a gmail invite if you do not already have on.

What is my link and how can you contact me

My link:

Contact me:

If you are interested in finding out more about the apple ipod photo then go to:

Also if you are interested at checking out the website for these offers you can use the links on my side bar.

Thank you for your interest!


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